Friday, September 30, 2011

Website Design - Maintain A Balance Between Creativity And Business Objectives

Creativity is limitless. Agreed; but when it comes to designing a website for an online business, there are certain ground rules to be followed. One cannot stress enough on the fact that relevance takes a higher priority than addition of an animation or piece of music! Well, if it suits the theme of the website - go ahead! But it creates a lot of mess if you try to mix and match just all designing skills in one page! Website design is all about matching the business objectives to the design themes.

Before we get into what are the dos' and don'ts, let's just engrave one fact in our minds: Make your website design look as though you mean business! Let's take a quick look at a few best practices in website design:

    Keep the design simple. The very basic design rule. Simple with reference to user navigation. All clickable links / tabs must convey exactly what they can do for you. Leave very little for the users to figure out.
    If your website design must represent a professional organization, avoid too many flash animations or graphics. Maintain a classic color scheme. Not too dull - not too bright. However, if it is for a gaming website or something that spells "fun" - let your imagination go wild!
    Background and text contrast - do not let your text get lost amidst the textured background. Customers need to read the text! (Background is an add-on)!
    Illustrations via graphics, maps, - yes - go ahead!
    Heading and main text separators - use bold, Italics - avoid blinking text - it's annoying for someone who is looking for important information!
    Pop ups - a total no-no! The last thing a viewer wants is some ad or graphic popping up while they are getting interested in the website content. Very naturally irritated they will click on the red X, and there goes your prospective customer - straight to your competitor!

Of course using imagination, you can craft the best web designs. So, all these dos' and don'ts aren't meant to discourage you from using your creativity in website design. It's just so that you know where creativity ends and professionalism begins. Getting it just right is the key to a good website design. Let it loose at some places, restrict it at others - work out the perfect balance for a website taking into account the business it is being built for. If you get it right - it will work wonders for your online business.

With all this said, always remember that the ultimate aim of an online business is to make a sale. And a good website design can contribute in many - many ways towards this goal. With the best eye - catching and yet professional web designs that convey the right message to visitors, let us help make a difference in the internet marketing world. Design, create, and build the most appropriate website that will help online business owners make a mark and establish their place amongst million other similar sites!

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